~GRAVESTONE Artwear's The Original "Old Stone" Rubbing Kit~


That’s right! Our brand NEW Old Stone Rubbing Kit’s contents are all manufactured here in the USA.
In response to our customers requests for wider rubbing paper, we’ve added three inches to the width of our internationally known “Aqaba” brand rubbing paper. It now measures 27 inches by 36 inches to give you more rubbing surface. We have made the tube wider for easier access to its contents. The half inch wider width also gives you more space for storing your rubbings. Each Old Stone Rubbing Kit contains 5 sheets if “Aqaba” rubbing paper measuring 27 by 36 inches. Two 1/8 lb, cupcake shaped high quality, deeply pigmented rubbing waxes in the colors most demanded by our customers; one black wax and one rust wax. Special masking tape One soft natural bristle brush for cleaning debris from the stones and markers. Click Here
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Our New Book!

~Art, Symbolism, and History Found in Graveyards and Cemeteries~

From their own extensive collection of hundreds of gravestone rubbings and photographs, the author and the illustrator, a mother/daughter team, have carefully compiled an exceptionally beautiful book of over 300 images concentrating on the art, symbolism, and history found in graveyards and cemeteries.
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1 How do we do it ? We find a gravestone We love.
1 Then we carefully rub the stone.
~Stranger, Stop & Cast an Eye~
Gravestone Artwear’s New Book LASTING IMPRESSIONS:
Art, Symbolism, and History Found in Graveyards and Cemeteries

300 plus images from the author and illustrator’s extensive collection of gravestone rubbings and photographs. Hardcover, 184 pages, full color $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING A perfect gift for anyone interested in 17th - 19th century gravestone carvings.
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1 And finally from a silk screen of the rubbing, the design becomes wearable art.
1 Here's the finished rubbing.