~GRAVESTONE Artwear’s Ladies Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops~

ALL 100% made in USA !
~Silver Pentacle~The five pointed star is an ancient Wiccan symbol. The points represent the elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and spirit.
~Gold Sun Face~Old South Burial Ground, Bolton, Massachusetts, 1795. The sun symbolizes a new beginning and resurrection.
~Sacred Key~The key is a tool of wisdom and gives access to knowledge.
~Silver Moon & Stars~Old Bridge Street Burying Ground, Gloucester, Massachusetts, 17th Century. The moon and stars symbolize rebirth and divine guidance.
~Polly Coombs~Bellingham, Massachusetts, 1795. A lovely spirit portrait which transcends any thought of death.
~White Death Head~Point of Graves, Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1718. The death head with the heart represents the soul in spiritual bliss.
~White Skull~ For display purposes, images are larger than they actually appear on tank tops.

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(Metallic Inks)
These are made
using our 24kt Gold
and Silver Inks.


Black with White
Ink, Designs from
Various Collections