~GRAVESTONE Artwear’s Handmade 100% Natural Herbal Soap~

Only the purest aromatherapy essential oils of flowers and herbs are used. The soaps are unsurpassed in their mildness and quality. Necessary Ingredients include coconut oil for a rich creamy lather, Olive oil as a moisturizer, and palm oil to insure a long lasting bar of soap.

100 % Biodegradable & cruelty-free.
~Herbal Spice of Life~Essential oils of cinnamon & patchouli, aloe vera added vitamin A
~Herbal Stonecarver’s Soap~Essential oils of rosemary. It is gently abrasive with powdered rosemary. A gardener’s choice
~Herbal Nipt In The Bud~Essential oils of rosewood, palma rosa and bergamot
~Herbal Father Thyme~Essential oils of lavender & thyme
~Herbal Sunrise/Sunset~Cocoa Butter & Calendula with essential oils of lemon & lemon grass
~Herbal Good Night~Essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit, nutmeg and filtered pure cosmetic quality black oxide, lathers white

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Crafted Into Gravestone
Shapes by Jacobs Well
in West Baxton, Maine
ALL 100% Made in The U.S.A.!